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All donations of real estate at DONATE REAL ESTATE USA are tax-deductible.

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Charities that your donation helps:

Charities that your donation helps:

Your donation of real estate or a vehicle will help us serve these charities that focus on the needs of the poorest of the poor while maximizing the deduction you can take on your tax return for the donation of a house or rental property or vacant lots.

One Mission SocietyOne Mission Society

Scriptures in UseSIU Training


Men for Missions is a branch of One Mission Society and they organize volunteers to work on construction and medical trips to impoverished areas - both overseas and in the U.S.  Men for Missions is not just for men.  Men for Missions has been organizing volunteers now for over 50 years and has frequent medical and construction teams to some of the most impoverished but beautiful places in the world.  In some cases the trips are even paid for.  

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